About Us

FirstRight’s Advisory Council is made up of the following individuals
(listed alphabetically by first name):

Ahmie & her sons at the park

Ahmie Yeung
Cleveland, Ohio
Ahmie, mother of two sons, became a “rebellious” Lactivist after an incident at a family gathering in June 2004 when her first son was 2 weeks old. Shock at how discouraging her own family could be led her to work toward the passage of Ohio’s breastfeeding protection law to try to change cultural perceptions of breastfeeding via normalizing it in public. She has organized and/or attended several breastfeeding advocacy events locally. This is her first foray into national activism leadership.

Chandra Ruiz

Longmont, CO
Chandra, a mother of 2, has been involved in breastfeeding advocacy since 2001 when she and her husband started a “natural” parenting support group and an online t-shirt company promoting breastfeeding. Her advocacy work has taken many paths including working with 12 women to help write and successfully lobby for breastfeeding protection laws in Arizona in 2005. Chandra believes mothers and children have an inherent right to breastfeed anytime anywhere without fear of harassment or discrimination.



Jen eating a cupcake while nursing
Jen Russo
Central Virginia

Jen’s belief that breastfeeding mothers have nothing to hide has led her to this important work. As the mother of two, Jen’s committment is to help create a world where parents are supported instead of undermined when it comes to feeding their children.

Lindsey tandem nursing her twins
Lindsey Nelson
Southern California
Lindsey, a nursing mom to toddler twins, began working with FirstRight because of a desire to promote a culture where mothers and children are empowered and honored rather than marginalized. She believes that respecting a woman’s right to feed her child/ren anytime, anywhere is an important step toward that goal.

Lisa nursing in a pool
Lisa Carey
Southern California
Lisa is a mother to two boys and became passionate about breastfeeding after the birth of her first son. She was shocked at the amount of incorrect information that people offered her from the hospital nurse to the kind lady in the grocery store. She became involved in Lactivism after hearing stories about discrimination and struggling with attitudes about nursing in public from her own family and friends. She helped organize the Applebee’s event in September 2007.

Shelli & her girls
Shelli Zink
Northern Virginia

Shelli, a mother of two, became involved breastfeeding activism because she was astounded to find moms felt interference when providing their children food. She believes the health of our nation is being held hostage by those who shun breastfeeding women and their children.

Shelly C
Shelly C
Northern Virginia

Shelly, a mother of two, began fighting for breastfeeding mothers when she realized the lack of support available to new mothers. She believes that having a network of support is vital to a successful breastfeeding relationship between mother and child. When mothers are harassed or discriminated against for doing what is natural and healthy for both mom and child, it leads many mothers to stop breastfeeding. She hopes that her work with First Right will help encourage mothers who have been discriminated against to continue breastfeeding despite what the cultural norms may be at the time.